Shohreh Bayat

Fide and International Arbiter
Women Fide Master

Chess Congress
Queens Event

Shohreh Bayat is an International Arbiter. She was the first woman to run a sports federation in Iran. When in 2020, photos of her arbitrating the World Championship with a slipped headscarf enraged the Religious Police, she did not return and was granted asylum in the UK. Her talk will be on political activism in chess.

Natalia Zhukova

City Councilor of Odessa | Grand Master | European Women Champion |

Chess Congress

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Natalia Shukova is a City Councilor of Odessa member, European Women Champion, Chess Olympiad winner and World Team Champion. She will consider how chess prepared her for politics and the defence of Ukraine.

James Canty III

Fide Master | Streamer |

Chess Congress

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James Canty is a professional streamer, Chess.com staff member and FIDE Master. He will reflect on the challenges and opportunities of chess for an African American.

Awonder Liang

Grand Master

Chess Congress

Awonder Liang became a Grandmaster when he was 14. He was awarded the Samford Chess Scholarship and studied economics at the University of Chicago and will share his presentation with Praveen Balakrishnan.